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Protip: Click "Browse" to see more work, if you don't want to sift through my folders!

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Sorry I leave so few comments on things that I favorite!
Don't thank me or favorites!!!
Update: While I currently have a job, it's on a lot of downtime while school is out. This will be the case until I either find another job, or until school starts back up in the fall. I will only work every couple of weeks, for but a few hours which will cut severely into my pay and finances. We're struggling slightly right now, and it's challenging to stay on top of bills, as well as making sure we can afford necessities and the things of the like. Between the times that I work, commissions will really help my family out financially, which we are in need of right now. Even simple signal boosts are more than welcome, thank you for your time.
I also reworked prices and tidied up a lot.

Commission prices:


:bulletwhite::bulletpurple:Contact: silverdragunn @ hot mail . com (Please remove spaces) PayPal is different from contact, please ask for PayPal when we have discussed and decided on the price for your commission. Thank you!
If seeking a commission, PLEASE title your e-mail accordingly! If you don't, I'm sorry to say that you may be unintentionally ignored! I skim through my e-mail and unless it has specific key words, I won't notice it. Please put commission in the title somewhere for better organization! Thank you!
When using PayPal, please remember to make sure that you're paying for goods and services! The other preferred method is through invoices! Please discuss with me so we can determine which one to use.


:bulletred:$10+: Pencil or digital sketch, no ink, color or back ground.

Yokai Watch 30 Day: Day 22 by SilverStarSheep
.....Clean sketch.
..... $7+ busts
.....+$10 to be inked
.....+$5+ for every extra character.

:bulletorange:$30+: Traditional art; no BG /simple solid color BG.

Mending Old Patches by SilverStarSheep
..... $20+ busts
.....+$10+ for every extra character.
.....+$7 to be colored in with Prismacolor Colored pencils.
.....+$7 for a basic color background.

:bulletgreen:$60+: Full-color traditional image with back ground.

Summer Beach Takeover by SilverStarSheep
.....+$15+ for every extra character.
.....+$10 to be colored in with Prismacolor Colored pencils.
.....+$20 for a really detailed background. (Such as a large cityscape or something much more intricate than a simple scene.)

:bulletyellow:$40+: Digital art; drawn with Paint Tool Sai; no BG/simple color BG

Asgore the Ascended by SilverStarSheep
..... $30+ busts
.....+$15+ for every extra character.
.....Lineless or with
.....Painting-style, cel, and other types of shading available.
.....Simple BG includes various colors.
.....+$10 for a basic BG with definable shapes.

:bulletblue: $70+ Full-color digital image with back ground.

Merlot by SilverStarSheep
.....Lineless or with lineart.
.....+$20+ for every extra character.
.....+$25 for a really detailed background. (Such as a large cityscape or something much more intricate than a simple scene.)


Courtney Redesign Gen III Sprite by SilverStarSheep
.....$5-$10+ Sprites.
.....Price affected by size and detail.
.....+$1~$3 for every sprite added to sprite sheet that is a minor alteration of the original sprite created by me for said sheet. (Walking and other basic animations.)
.....+$3~$5 for every sprite added that is a major alteration of the original sprite created by me for said sheet. (Different poses.)


Harpy Boy by SilverStarSheep
.....$20+ Pixels; size and detail determine price.
.....+$5~$10 for every frame of basic animation.

    :pointr:PAPER ART:

Dog Named Toby by SilverStarSheep
....."Paper Children" made out of multiple individual pieces of colored construction paper.
.....Individual pieces count towards price. Black base does not count for the total piece count.
.....Price will be calculated after a sketch is decided upon, and a piece count can be made.
.....Under 10 pieces: $15
.....10-20 pieces: $20
.....20-30 pieces: $25
.....30-40 pieces: $30
.....40-50 pieces: $35
.....50-60 pieces: $40


.....Usually made with Sculpey III color clay. Can be made with other brands of clay and painted. This might come with an additional fee!
.....Prices named are basic; actual price will be determined by amount of detail and work required. The item may be more expensive or cheaper depending.
Gercherlerin figurine by SilverStarSheep 
.....$20+ for a small figurine 
.....$30+ for a medium figurine 
.....$40+ for a large figurine 
Porygon-Z by SilverStarSheep
.....Details must be minimal or easily flattened to piece. If not, it runs the risk of breaking. 
.....$10+ for a small keychain 
.....$15+ for a medium keychain 
.....$20+ for a large keychain 
Otenko Pin by SilverStarSheep
.....Will vary in size.
.....$20+ Base Price
Mouse Earring huggers by SilverStarSheep
.....$10+ Earring huggers.
.....$15+ Earings that dangle/are attached to a chain.
.....$23+ Clip-on Earrings. (Findings are expensive!)


.....Custom plushies are readily available!
.....Fleece will be the default material used for all non-human plush toys, unless requested otherwise! Please tell me what material you want to be used.
.....I can not yet embroidery. My stitches however are very clean and neat.

:bulletorange:CUSTOM PLUSH:
Froakie Doll by SilverStarSheep
.....$60 base price.
.....Size, detail and materials will add onto the price from there. Please be willing to discuss pricing to me in depth.
:bulletyellow:SMALL HUMAN:
Chara and Frisk by SilverStarSheep
.....$30 for a base doll; Approximately 8"~10" in height depending on preference and pattern.
.....Complexity of the Doll's will increase the price accordingly.
.....Interchangeable outfits may be created for an additional fee; each outfit starts at $15.
.....Fleece/felt cut into pieces to resemble the character's hair unless requested otherwise.
.....Button eyes or dot eyes made with thread of your color choice. Mouths and other facial features are available.
:bulletpurple:KEYCHAIN PLUSH:
Example: N/A
.....$15 base price.
.....Must be 5" in size or smaller.
.....Size and detail will factor into the final price.
.....Comes with its own key ring attached.

:pointr:Things to note:

  • Busts and smaller pictures will be slightly cheaper! We can discuss the prices if this is what you're interested in.
  • If there's a serious lack of detail that I need to draw, the piece will be cheaper as well.
  • Likewise a lot of detail will come with added fees. Take this into consideration!
  • Tips are greatly appreciated, but not required! 
  • Supporting my Patreon will give you a small or even significant discount on future commissions!
  • Repeat customers are also eligible for discounts!
  • Please provide detailed references! It really helps me out if you do, even for canon/pre-existing characters. 
  • I can ship outside of the US! However due to charges, I'll have to ask that you cover the costs! 

:pointr:I will NOT make art including:

Major romance (I WILL draw Fluff, however!)
Intense blood/gore (I can draw some violence.)
BASICALLY anything that could be considered NSFW

Commission Rules: :sheepish:

0. IMPORTANT RULE: The prices listed here are NOT final!! The amount of detail WILL alter the price! Please don't ask for a super detailed character sketch for $15. If the character is super detailed, the price WILL go up!
1. Don't pressure me. I will do my best to keep you updated and provide you with WIPs! However I ask that gentle reminders are only given after a week passes and I haven't messaged you.
2. Before I start your commission, I ask that you pay me first. If you can't pay for it all at once, a small deposit of $5+ will do, but I won't finish or ship it until I receive or know I will obtain full payment. Either through PayPal or through "Snail Mail" if you absolutely have to. When using Paypal, please be sure to select "goods and services" as your payment option. A down payment can be accepted for me to start working, but I will not finish the picture until you can finish paying me off. Please contact me via note for my mailing address if you need it!
3. ALSO it it worth the note: I will finish commissions more in the order in which I receive payment and or downpayment. Please keep this in mind, because even if you order before someone, but they pay before you, I will finish that other person's commission first.
4. I will accept points. HOWEVER. With each point transaction there will be an additional fee of about 100 points or so to make up for the fee that DeviantArt takes from me when I transfer it. ALSO. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Please do not simply transfer points to me! Instead allow me to make a commission available to you through the commission widget on my page. This way I can actually get my money. Thank you!
5. I will sometimes take item trades! I dislike doing this too frequently, but I am willing to do it. This is only if you have no money, but still have something of value to offer. I have to be interested in the item, however. The item up for trade will earn you an image close to what the item is worth. For example, if you send me something you paid $15 for, you will receive something that is worth $15 in return, such as a digital sketch. Please ask me if I'm interested in the item you have to trade!
6. Shipping for items will be paid for by me unless I can't afford to do such at the present time. If I can't afford it, I will inform you and ask if you can provide. But if you want to give me a little extra for such without my asking, I would honestly and truly appreciate that! <3 Paying for the shipping is a little thank-you from me.
7. This may seem like an odd rule, but please do not order a commission or give me a down payment unless you KNOW FOR A FACT that you can afford it and finish your payment, especially if you are ordering a plush toy. Even if you just give a down payment I will proceed to purchase the materials required. At this point I would like to think that the contract is sealed; if you simply decide to cancel the order it hurts me a lot more than you think! I had already purchased material explicitly for your commission that I'm stuck with now, and if I have to refund the down payment or even full pay, it really hurts me badly.
8. If you absolutely need a refund immediately, please know me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. preferably before I start your commission or purchase the materials needed for it. If you have to drop it halfway through a project I will refund half of what you paid me (Or simply keep a value of what work I put into the project) and discard the project completely unless you think you can afford it later.
8. Don't complain about the rules or the restrictions. I am what I am, and I do what I do. If you want to get something that I won't draw, go find someone else. Even though we need money, I won't really bend to get any. I have my morals! Instead of kicking up a fuss, just walk away!
9. You may do what you like with the art I give you so long as you give full credit. Please do not claim the image or item as your own. That hurts a lot, and is a sure-fire way to make me never want to do business with you again. If you want to use it for a game or some sort of advertising, please ask me first, and let me know what you're doing with it! Thanks!



SilverStarSheep's Profile Picture
Silver S. D.
United States
Requests are always CLOSED.
Commissions are always OPEN.
Art Trades are a MAYBE.

:bulletblue:Art Tumblr
:bulletyellow: Twiter for those I speak to regularly

Hello, I'm SilverSheep.
I mostly just upload finished pieces and commissions here! It serves as a way for me to easily organize and display my art work. I post more on my tumblr, as I usually put sketches and the like up there. I also have a twitter, where I put doodles and stuff, and it's probably easy to find me. Though do keep in mind I often use it to vent. A lot.
I'm a fan of many things, my obsessions and prime interests changing now and again. It's pretty easy to tell what my primary focus is at any time, just by my uploads.
You may call me Silver, Sheep, or Star Sheep. I was once given the name, Sheep Of The Epic Boat. It's used as my art tag now!
I am a God-fearing Christian. If that should cause problems, just move on out. There's no need to kick up drama over something. I do my best to be patient and loving towards others, even if I don't agree with their actions. I also believe that God gave me all of my artistic talent, and I'm eternally grateful to Him for that.





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